Google Spam November Update: Here’s How to Avoid a Drop in Ranking

Google Algorithm

Things are being competitive. Moreover, Google is stepping up against web spam, and your websites need to clear all of it. Interestingly, the rollout of the November 2021 Spam Update has been underway since November 3. Interestingly, this rollout took about eight days to complete. Google has primarily targeted better understanding of website content and user intentions. The update has always focused on combating webspam.

These updates aim to filter out harmful websites. It seeks to recognize and filter out sites with no added value and those using Black Hat SEO tricks. Google has been spending the last few years developing an AI technique that is now slowly integrated with its algorithm. It prevents harmful sites or pages with no added value from the list in the Google index.

Till now, Google has already released many Spam Updates. After two related Updates in June, a link Spam Update was released between the end of July and August.

What Does the Update Include?

According to Google’s Webspam Report 2020, AI routines checked have identified over 20 billion spam pages every day. With the usage of AI, the company has configured ways to combat spam; as a result, Google has increased Spam Updates since then.

Since its launch, Google’s anti-spam AI has reduced the number of websites with automatically generated and copied content. However, flaws on websites are still high, especially when it comes to security purposes. But Google claims to have enhanced the ability to detect spam by over 50%. Google has removed most of the hacked spam content from search results.

The automated system has helped Google figure out 99% of issues. Therefore visits via Google search are spam-free.

Spam Update 2021

To date, there have been two Core Updates in 2021. However, when it comes to spam updates, there have already been four. It appears that Google is upping its game when it comes to fighting spam. The advances in anti-spam AI have certainly helped make the experience smooth and result-oriented.

June 23, 2021: The first spam update came on June 23. However, the rollout was completed on the same day.

June 28, 2021: Shortly after the first update, Google came with another update just five days later. Both the updates focused on combating spam. However, the entire rollout got completed within a single day.

July 26, 2021: Rollout of the Link Spam Update begins: Google focused that the next rollout would effectively identify and nullify link spam more broadly across multiple languages. Sites taking part in link spam saw changes, and those links got re-assed by Google’s algorithms.

November 3, 2021: The announcement of the fourth update focused that Google being serious about spam.

Best practices to prevent spam

Google came up with guidelines when it comes to preventing spam and dealing with incorrect links. Here’s what it mentions.