How We Design and Develop a Responsive Website

Responsive Website Design

A website is more than a compulsion when it comes to hosting business online. Likewise, the website must not only look good on the screen but should equally fit on the device in which a user runs it.

Nowadays, customers are seeking for a responsive website design service. All credit goes to the exponential rise of smartphone users. Perhaps, you should also know that more than eighty-five percent of internet traffic comes from smartphone users. As a result, having a non-responsive website will only take away potential customers. At V1 Technologies, we ensure a high-quality and responsive website with the updated feature-laden services. Further, we will give a brief insight into how our expert team of web designers and developers build a responsive design website for your company.

1) Layout

The first thing to do when designing a website is to draw a layout. When we start the work, we create a non-responsive layout with a fixed default size. Further, we add media queries and bring slight changes to the CSS. Along with that, we use HTML codes as needed. This shows us a full view of the website. On the other side, the addition of media queries tailors the responsiveness according to the device.

2) Media

Media files such as videos and pictographs help your customers understand the service. We apply CSS codes that ensure all the forms of media align as per the container. While most of the websites now add third-party sites, including YouTube, a responsive site should also allow embedding videos.

3) Typography

Until recent times, developers ran pixels to define the font size of the website. However, pixels are suitable when websites come with a fixed width. Yet, a responsive website should offer a responsive font. In fact, the site font size should be very much related to the parent container. This ensures that the screen adapts as per the device, which further makes the website readable.

FAQ For Responsive Website Design

1) How to Make an Existing Website Responsive?

The process is very simple. V1 Technologies adds responsive meta tags in the HTML document along with media queries. The images and videos are embedded, and the typography is made readable.

2) What Exactly Is A Fully Responsive Website?

A fully responsive website ensures that a web page is displayed appropriately. It also makes sure that both traditional as well as mobile devices offer an excellent quality experience. As a result, customers tend to visit the website on a regular basis.

3) How Can I Make My WordPress Website Responsive?

The WordPress website should also follow the same procedure as the process mentioned above. However, you can always seek our service to get the best quality development on your website.

Final Wrap

V1 Technologies is a leading IT company based in the UK. We extend the design and development of websites and mobile apps. We have served some of the top companies and have also helped build their brand through our efficient online marketing approach.