Why iOS Apps are Better in Comparison to Android?

iOS Apps

While we're heading to 2021, iOS apps are still better than they offer on Android. Moreover, there's a problem which has existed for a very long time. Apps are arguably the most crucial component for any smartphone. This is definitely one of the areas where Apple has precisely focused on. While Google has made countless efforts to enhance its features, iOS has performed relentlessly.

iOS vs. Android has been one of the most frequently debated topics ever since the war began. While customers may argue on Apple's locked-down ecosystem of Android's superior notifications and plenty more, the conversation around app quality can be pretty interesting. Besides, there's a lot that goes into building a smartphone. However, its primary function is to utilize every application seamlessly.

Also, if app experiences are better on one platform over the others, that's not good. When comparing iOS and Android apps side-by-side, you'll come across a noticeable divide between the two platforms. At one point, these differences are relatively subtle. The playlist description is directly below when you use the SpotifyiOS app. Also, you have access to a shortcut to an account that's created.

While android users need to swipe on the playlist thumbnail to see this information, the iOS app can also change the background as per the album's theme. Android doesn't do that. Apart from that, there are minor nitpicks; however, they stick out when making a side-by-side comparison.

iOS is faster and smoother

Users experience way fewer hiccups and slow-dowing using iOS. Performance is one of the things where iOS does much better. Your business app will perform smoothly with iOS. Also, the version does come with powerful specs. It's more about processing power than cores and speed clocks. Apple processors are much better than Qualcomm. Moreover, they're optimized to perform perfectly.

The closed ecosystem makes for tighter integration. Apple controls production from beginning to end. It ensures resources are used more efficiently. Here developers follow a stricter process when releasing the apps.

Timely Updates

Updating software is one of the things iOS has been doing better. If the iOS device qualifies to get the latest updates, it gets launched soon. However, this can be beneficial if your app gets updated regularly.

The updating process isn't seamless with Google Android. Google only gives direct updates to its products. However, some may fail to get updates efficiently.

Apple Ecosystem

Apple products like iPhones, iPods, Apple TVs, Apple Watches, and Mac computers are integrated with iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and other in-house services. Also, the app store is curated and better policed than the Google Play Store. Your app development team must undergo lengthy and expensive checklists and procedures. Interestingly, the net increase in the overall quality of iOS apps is beyond comparison.


iOS is better than Android in terms of security; Apple products always have the upper hand. iOS comes with more consistent updates for all devices. The closed ecosystem is harder to penetrate, and a stricter app store symbolizes powerful security features.