iOS Developers Edinburgh

V1 Technologies leverage unique methods and team models that guarantee top-notch service than alternative development models. Our clients have trusted our iOS developers as we've been able to motivate and empower top talent. We plot, monitor, and execute development paths into an unrivalled environment for team performance.

Our professional iOS developers believe that software enables your business to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Besides, it enhances the overall operational efficiency.

How can we help you?

We help customers understand their challenges

Starting with an innovative approach to problem-solving, our iOS developers identify what functional application you've been planning to go ahead with.

Human-centric design

The mobile application enables your business, delivers outstanding digital customer experiences, and enhances operational efficiency.

Get everything under one roof

With the APIs, we help you integrate disparate business systems and processes, helping integrate interconnected business ecosystems.

Consistent value and performance

We add value to your products with our decades of experience.

Team V1 Technologies excels at designing and developing large-scale solutions. We handle service-based integration to produce rich mobile apps. The application comes with complex online transactions and analytical processing.

Critical stages of iOS app development


  • Our iOS developerteam gets to know your business inside out
  • We initiate a technical review on your ICT environment from top to bottom
  • After we understand everything, i.e., business needs and demands, we move on to the next phase


  • Our team uses APIs, cloud-native software, modern technology platforms, and reusable codes to develop functionality. We guarantee the fastest time to market
  • We focus on quality assurance throughout, ensuring the use of automated testing capabilities


  • We keep the users in focus throughout the design period
  • We apply human-centric design thinking and practices and solve problems for our clients and their customers
  • We test the entire user experience with clickable pro-types before moving to the app development phase


  • We optimise the product to achieve the desired end-state through short, medium and long-term recommendations
  • We optimise the DevOps by understanding current dev and ops teams, processes and tools. Besides, we'll also recommend changes that enable continuous delivery and quick time to value

Technology we use

Our iOS developers are confident in using all iOS app development technologies. This covers

  • iPhone SDK or Xcode Development
  • Web service for iPhone Apps
  • iPhone JSON Web Development
  • Native iPhone App development
  • Apple Push Notification Integration
  • In-app Purchases Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

While our iOS developers do not provide source code before payment completion to protect our rights, we can still offer images of one or two coding chunks to make sure you're aligned to the right track.
With new OS releases, you need to test the app in the new OS and list out the points where the app lacks functionality. Once done, you can approach our iOS developers. We'll come up with a quick solution.
Absolutely yes, you can do it anytime. Most updates are automatically and immediately pushed to everyone that has downloaded the app.
Yes, we can do it. However, before we initiate your project with you, ouriOS developerswill write project details. After we understand all your specifications, we'll quote a price for you.
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