iOS or Android: Which Platform to Go For Development

App Development

Are you stuck on whether to go for an android platform or iOS? Sitting on a debate might never bring a solid conclusion. In fact, mobile app development has proven to be more complex. From the very beginning, companies and developers face numerous challenges when operating systems.

Deciding between Apple App Store and Google Play Store isn't that easy. In fact, both the user behave differently. Launching on the wrong platform is undoubtedly doom.

In this post, we'll analyze the difference between the two alternatives in order to choose the best.


Researches have shown that the number of smartphone users worldwide exceeds by 3 billion. Further, it's expected to grow more. Due to the superb usability of mobile phones, businesses are now using mobile app services to meet their market demands.

Android vsiOS

Both the platform employs a different set of coding structure. At the same time, Android apps use Java; the iOS platform use objective-C. Here, your decision to work with iOS or Android totally depends on hardware, access point, budget, audience, design, and time.


In the case of hardware, if you want a program for iOS, you need to have an original device such as Macbook, which can be expensive. On the other side, the Android app can be built on any device. This further helps save your development cost.


Each project is unique; therefore, developing an app for iOS may be more expensive than Android. Most companies face budget constraint due to its extensive and powerful platform.


Android undoubtedly has a larger market due to its strong global presence. If you plan to reach out to a multiple customer baseline, it's best to go for android app development. Android has a global market of 72%, and Android and iOS share a market of 99% overall.

Design Principle

The UI design principle for iOS and Android is quite different. The design of any app closely relates to the development process. You should know that Android and iOS have their distinct interaction and style.

Android Vs Apple: Choosing Single Platform

Choosing a platform solely depends upon where the audience is located and what they want. Also, the development timeline determines whether you should build an app for Android or iOS first. For business holders to develop a minimum viable product quickly and cheaply, Android is the best option.

On the other hand, if planning to make money through ecommerce, you should definitely look for iOS. For targeting emerging markets, especially Asia and Latin America, the Android system is the best option. Whichever platform you plan to go for, once you launch the business, slowly, you will get visitors clamouring for a version of your app.

Final Wrap

When selecting a business platform, make sure you don't take it lightly. Also, arguing over which is better is not at all an option. Each application comes with benefits and disadvantage. If possible, take professional consultation and get your business a complete overhaul.