Pixei Alphabet Cards

Educational Android App for Children

**Amazing App to teach your child the English Alphabets in a fun and interactive way. Pixei augmented reality alphabet app and cards provides a fun interactive way for your child to learn the entire alphabet. The 26 wooden alphabet cards have beautiful graphics on the front and a unique marker on the back. When this marker is shown in front of your iPhone or iPad, a 3d image is super-imposed on the marker. For example when alphabet card A is shown in front of your iPhone or iPad a 3d apple is brought to life in front of you, when alphabet card B is shown in front of your device a 3d ball is brought to life and so on. Instructions for use: • Download & open the free app • Hold your device in front of your purchased Pixei wooden alphabet cards • Watch the wooden cards come alive and learn in a new and exciting way! • Learn, Have fun! and be the first to share the experience with family and friends! The app works with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

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