4 Reasons Why We Love WordPress for Website Development

4 Reasons Why We Love WordPress for Website Development

One of the most common queries that we've come across is, why should I go for WordPress website development? Now, if you're one of those individuals trying to know the answer, you're at the right place. Also, why switching to WordPress from any other platform is another significant concern that most customers have come across. In this article, our website development company in London will help you cover why WordPress is the best option for your online business.

One of the most common misconceptions about WordPress is that it is just a blogging site. However, that's not true. The platform started as a blogging tool and evolved into a robust content management system (CMS). In fact, WordPress powers over 43% of all websites on the internet. Many top brands, including Time Magazine, Facebook, The New Yorker, Sony, Disney and more, use WordPress.

However, let's take a close look at why WordPress is the best option for your website development.

WordPress is absolutely free

You must be surprised to know that WordPress comes free of cost. You are free to download, install, use and modify it. Also, you can use it to create different types of websites. But, the WordPress software itself isn't free; you need to have a domain name and web hosting. AT V1 Technologies, we can help you with the overall web development and hosting process.

Easy to Use

WordPress is one of the most accessible platforms, especially for beginners. It's flexible too. There's a simple dashboard with different menu options listed in the sidebar. Here, you get the chance to create posts and pages, customize the design and add navigation menus. Also, WordPress comes with regular updates. You can simply click the button and experience the latest version. The same goes for WordPress plugins and themes, which periodically come with their own updates.

Complete customization option

Businesses using WordPress may not have access to web designers or programmers 24x7. For non-tech savvy individuals, WordPress is the perfect web solution that comes with thousands of templates and plug-ins. There are theme options for each website (blog, business sites or online store). In case you find it challenging to work on the theme, our website developers in London can help you. We can assist you with simple adjustments, including changes in colours, logo upload, developing beautiful sliders or working on codes.


You're in the business, and you need to ensure customers can access your website. Meanwhile, the website may not succeed if it fails to get traffic. Interestingly, WordPress is built with search engine algorithms mind. Google and other search engines prefer WordPress for its smooth coding. Therefore, ranking your business in the search engine won't be a big deal. Our website development experts from London can help you optimize your site. There are many SEO plugins, and we implement strategic techniques to keep you on top of SERPs (search engine result pages).

WordPress benefits millions of users globally. Besides, it's available in more than 53 languages and powers thousands of websites. V1 Technologiesis a leading website design and development company in London. We offer bespoke WordPress website development at the best bargain.