Should Businesses Really Run Google Adwords Campaigns?

Should Businesses Really Run Google Adwords Campaigns?

Google Ads is the first business that springs to mind when we think about digital advertisements. The main reason is that Google dominates the market for search engines. The company generates $147 billion in sales, of which $108 billion comes from search engines. It is the industry leader in online advertising because of its advertising solutions, which enable you to target viewers across platforms like YouTube, Maps, and independent websites.

Our digital marketing agency in London will help you examine Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords), its importance for your company, and the various ways it might enhance your marketing efforts.

Understanding Google Ads

Have you ever used Google to search for anything and seen an "Ad" result? That is Google AdWords performing at its highest level.

Businesses may pay Google AdWords to promote their websites. Websites may show up in different Google search results depending on the terms they bid for, the quality score, and other criteria.

Keep in mind that Google offers two distinct products: Advertising and Adsense. Advertising is for companies who wish to advertise their website, whereas Adsense is for website owners who are selling ad space.

Does your company actually require Google Ads?

The best person to respond to this is you. Are active internet users among your target market? Do you desire a stronger internet presence for your company? Are you happy with the outcomes of your business's SEO efforts?

The following are some uses for the tool for company owners and marketers.

● Directly approach those who are interested in your goods or services.

● Target individuals that fit a particular demographic.

● Entice visitors to visit your landing pages.

● Keep track of the outcomes.

The benefits of Google AdWords for your brand

1. Capabilities for targeting

Salespeople and marketers are aware of the value of excellent leads. Your advertising strategy should ultimately achieve the goals of your brand. You can be certain that your target demographic will see your ads because Google is constantly upgrading its algorithms.

Either particular long-tail keywords or shorter ones are available for bidding. The latter may help you gain more traction with fewer leads while the former enables you to target potential consumers with high intent.

2. The capacity to capitalize on audience intent

Ever feel like your best buddy knows more about your preferences than Google? Google's algorithms can recognise user intent and provide them with exactly what they require.

Let's imagine you advertise on a website or social media platform where the user's main goal is to surf the internet or use social media. Our digital marketing agency in London will run a compelling advertisement to influence users.

You may find individuals who are searching for a product that your company sells using Google AdWords.

3. Increased ROI

Although it may seem counterintuitive, you must spend money on advertising if you want to save money. Due to its demographic-based targeting options, Google AdWords offers you a fantastic return on investment.

Our digital marketing agency in London can use one of three different bidding tactics to increase profits. You might select one of these based on the goals of your campaign.

The first is the cost per click (CPC), where you are charged for each time one of your adverts is clicked.

Second, cost per thousand viewable impressions (CPM), which charges you based on how many people view your advertisement.

Finally, cost per action (CPA), which charges you for each key action the user does.


The final truth is that Google AdWords is ideal for you if it complements your corporate objectives. Keep in mind that you must outline your method, analyse the outcomes thoroughly, and continually fine-tune it.