The Significance of Search Engine Crawler

Search Engine Crawler

Internet is a vast area, and a systematic progression helps it run smoothly. When you wonder about the search history and results, you may fall into a dilemma about the vastness and the features that the search engine uses in finding the result. Most of the people think that there are varieties of systems that help search engine giant get the relevant result. However, this is a contradicting figure that most of the audience have about the outcome. A few people think that softwares keep on running to bring the relevant result. Here, we will let you know how the search engine lists your website.

A Brief History of Search Engine Crawler

Search engines such as Yahoo and google are dependent upon various types of software generally known as robot or spiders that crawl in the websites.

Further, these bots keep on moving to the new pages on th website to collect relevant data. First designed in 1993 by developers from the MIT, this search engine crawler was used to measure the growth of the internet. With the development, the crawlers were used to bring the website under specific indices. This helped the search engines to adjust the website chronologically.

Initially, the crawlers used the meta tags on the web to find the result; however, with the passing time, experts understood that this resulted in specific possibility arraying out the actual content in it. To make things more apprehensive, the crawler was now made to pass through all the text that was visible in the web page including pictures, pages, graphics and contents which could be in any form other than HTML. The work of the crawler is to make copies of the pages that it crawls through and forward it to the search engine. Meanwhile, it is not the task of the crawler to rank the data but that of a search engine after listing it according to its algorithm and parameters.

Workability of Search Engine

Generally, crawlers automatically follow the link it finds on the website page. Further, many crawlers continuously work for searching the information on the website. When a crawler encounters the link, it can either store it or copy it. Some of the most common types of crawlers include Googlebot, Slurp, Baidu, Yandex.

Further, these spiders do not have their judgmental skill and collect all the information needed with a specified keyword from the source bot. However, if two search engine uses the same keyword indices based on their ranking, the relevancy differs to a great extent resulting in different ranking in their search engine. This is one of the reasons why page ranking for any website varies from search engine to search engine.

However, search spyder also faces a problem in locating the pages that are present deep inside a website. To counter such a problem, a deep crawler is required to reach the content. Further, it requires deep crawling, which takes some time. To ensure that your web page is visible, make sure, you follow all these steps.

Use folders

This is one of the forms to organise the web page. The folders allow the images to go to the image folder, videos to the video folder, and so on. This helps the search bots to find your attachments easily.

Static text links

Fanciful scripting won't gather much influence rather than using some basic HTML static links. This will help the crawlers to identify and locate your link.

Well disciplined system

The more clean and straightforward the website, more accessible is its outreach. The navigation menu, along with the static link, will make sure that your internal links are well connected. Further, the search bots will index content faster on the website.

Usage of sitemaps

A site map lists all the web pages on the website. If the content gets more in-depth than three levels, the bots use the sitemap to crawl the link. Further, search engines offer a various way to submit site maps to the search engine.

Ways to Control Crawlers

Follow or no follow link

The bots use links to crawl the website, structuring the inbound and outbound link should be planned correctly.


This allows and disallows access to individual pages.


This tool allows the schedule crawler to analyse how the website appears.

Therefore the first thing that a crawler look on any website is the keyword that points out the content. So when you are using the search engine, it is very much recommended to analyse the keyword and use it most suitably. As the voice search uses the keyword-based optimisation, integration of long term keyword in a natural flow will have a surmountable effect on the web page.