Simple Guide to Attract Clients to Your Agency

Digital Marketing

Word-of-mouth recommendation is an incredible way to attract consumers. You require zero marketing efforts and typically convert at a higher rate as the agency has been recommended. Projects that come through this way should make up a significant percentage of your income. But, never rely on word of mouth alone. While many web design agencies consider it a badge of honor that they win work exclusively through word-of-mouth recommendations, they might suffer from such issues.

The word-of-mouth recommendation tends to attract similar clients. Those who suggest you do so to people operating in matching companies and an equivalent level. Now, this might not be a problem unless you're happy with the clients.

But, if you're one of those business holders trying to make things big, word of mouth will be a limiting factor. You'll need to reach a specific kind of client you would like to work with, which requires a comprehensive business strategy.

Issues with traditional procedures

It is not that most web design agencies are oblivious of marketing approaches—many struggle to get the advantages that justify the expense in time and money. Let's take a tour of the tactics available.

Cold contacting

Cold contacting a client can be the most demoralizing kind of marketing your business can run. People hate to be approached out of the blue. Therefore, there's a high chance of losing work.


Advertising tends to attract smaller clients if you are new to the market. Moreover, if you manage to seek a larger market, there's a comprehensive need for recommendations and reputation rather than advertising.

Procurement sites

Large companies often post their invitations to tender on procurement websites. While responding here can lead to work, it suffers from the potential issues of you just counting numbers.


The most excellent way to stand out from the group is to have a stronger position when bidding for work. Moreover, you can establish a relationship with the client ahead of time. With networking, you have a reliable way to find new work opportunities. But the downside is that it can be pretty time-consuming.

Content Marketing

In the digital world, content marketing is a primary marketing activity that many digital agencies utilize. However, content marketing should lead to good search engine rankings if well written and targeted. Also, it educates the clients and demonstrates to readers your expertise.

The success of content marketing is beyond comparison. Content marketing has become trendy. Moreover, there's so much content out there, and content marketing is an efficient way to bring business returns.

Focus on marketing

Most digital marketing agencies utilize content marketing. However, they tend to post sporadically on a range of subjects with no considerations of the audience or their needs. But if you can rectify that, you will find that content marketing offers the key to a regular stream of potential leads.

Define the audience

Picturing the client is ideal. Moreover, are they small business owners or employees? Senior executives or a lower-level employee who can influence that manager. It is best to design an empathy map if that helps or even imaging that the marketing is being created for one of the existing clients that you particularly enjoy.