Top iOS App Development Trend that You Must Know for 2023

Top iOS App Development Trend that You Must Know for 2023

We're at the end of 2022, and there has been a comprehensive advancement in the technological world. As a result, the market observed rapid growth in terms of the number of Apple users. With phone-first solutions being the focus, it's essential to unlock opportunities for businesses that will adopt them. In 2022 alone, the number of smartphone users was about 6.6 billion. This accounts for 83.32% of smartphone subscription coverage. In addition, the growth in mobile app users has contributed to a vast number of app downloads.

Going through the market trend versus needs and demands, we bring forth a list of the most trending iOS app development practices that will govern 2023 and even years ahead.

5G Technology

We're in the era of witnessing a massive transition in the cellular network. The transformation from 4G to adopting 5G technology is the talk of the town. It's evident that an app development company in London will grab this opportunity, employing a multi-GBs peak speed of 5G when developing their app.

In the upcoming years, the future of customer experience will drastically be redefined by all these disruptive technologies. As a result, complaints about poor network performance will be out of the question.


Cloud technology has reduced the cost of hosting. Moreover, it has equally improved the load capacity and helped manage 70% of the business operations seamlessly from any time to anywhere in the world. An interesting fact is that the Cloud has helped solve several security-related concerns and revolutionized mobile app development. As a result, it has become more secure.

More focus on Augmented Reality

Virtual reality is gaining popularity, with AR apps increasingly gaining significance. Moreover, developers are now finding new ways to make their apps stand out; many also realize that AR can be a great way to make the apps more interesting. When it comes to potentialities, AR has many things to offer.

Your app may use AR and create 3D models of products, while a retailer might use AR to let customers see what pieces would look like. Moreover, AR has been around for a long time; it has recently become popular with app developers. Interestingly, this trend will probably continue for the next few years.

ARKit and ARCore continue to improve; AR apps will become more powerful and realistic.

Voice assistant for every app

Voice assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant are equally rising. As a result, their value will grow in other areas beyond just the home. Moreover, experts from an iOS app development company in London equally believe that in the upcoming years, voice will be the primary method of interacting with apps. Therefore, it's equally crucial for app developers to consider how their apps might be used via voice.

When re-designing a new app, it's best to consider how people might use it without a visual interface. For example, voice control will gain popularity; however, there's no guarantee that it will replace visual interfaces.

Final Wrap

These were some app development trends we discussed, likely to rise in 2023. Make sure your app is trendy in order to grab customer engagement.