Top Mobile App Development Framework for Your Business Application

Top Mobile App Development Framework for Your Business Application

Possibly, there are over 6 million apps in Android and iOS app stores, and it's a fact that developing an application has now become a marketing pillar. People tend to spend more time on a mobile app as developing an app is perhaps the perfect way to establish a stronger connection with the customers.

Say Neil uses an Apple watch to wake up early in the morning. He quickly orders breakfast from the Uber Eats. On his way to the office, Neil uses a local app to check the route for a smooth journey. Now he sets all the work remains in one of the applications. Therefore, Neil is absolutely dependent on mobile applications to make his life easier.

Think about it carefully, how each application is different from others, but the purpose remains the same i.e., to make life easier. From waking up early to ending the day, everything happens quickly at just a touch. These are the location-based service apps that drive the current app generation.

Behind such a scene, there are possibly millions of mobile app development framework who aim to give you the best user experience at your figure tips. The mobile app development market is undoubtedly trending, and, the growth rate will soon surpass $ 100 billion within a year.

So, let us now see what are the top mobile app development frameworks used by app development companies

Native Scripts

Native Script is an open-source framework used to create native mobile applications that are powered with Angular, JavaScript, CSS, Typescript and Vue.js. Its powerful web empowerment makes it the most compatible mobile application framework. Native Script helps reduce the code and time of the app loads.

Here's what you get

React Native

React Native is the best JavaScript library if you plan to build a native application for all devices and platforms. The React Native allows you to develop rich applications for both Android and iOS. The platform-specific versions of various components make easy using of single codebase across multip platforms. Developed by Facebook in 2018, here are some of the features


App developers prefer Xamarin for several reasons first being .Net based. Xamarin was introduced by Microsoft. It’s a cross-platform and open source app building platform that offers a development ecosystem with API, backend, components and more.

Being a .Net developer platform, Xamarin is supported by various tools, libraries and programming languages. Additionally, Xamarin developers allow you to build native applications with the support of an active community for Android, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, macOS and Windows.

Some of the Xamarin's features include


Developers working on Ionic can help you build interactive hybrid, progressive web applications and cross-platform applications. The open-source framework provides premium services for developing applications. Additionally, while working in Ionic, you can constantly create applications and ship them to the deployable locations.

The Ionic Studio is the lightning version and is undoubtedly powerful. Ionic is an ideal platform. Therefore, some features of the Ionic are


Flutter is a UI kit from Google. It helps to build native applications for the web, desktop and mobile. The UI toolkit comes with a fully customized widget that allows creating native applications in a short period. The layered architecture comes with a quick rendering of components.

Some of the striking features include

Key Takeaway

When you go for app development, there is a list of things that you need to consider. The mobile application platform is developing relentlessly. The technology is constantly evolving; therefore adapting the technologies like IoT, AI, ML and Blockchain into native hybrid and web applications will be quite interesting.