Top Website Design Hacks to Boost Your Sales and Lead Conversions

Top Website Design Hacks to Boost Your Sales and Lead Conversions

Designing a brand-new website can be an exciting venture. However, things can equally be daunting, especially if it's about conversion rate optimisation. Lots of visitors are flocking to your site only to check out excellent content and services; as a result, you begin to notice traffic growth each month. People are visiting your website and consuming the content, but the engagement rate is quite unsatisfactory.

There could be many reasons why the website isn't converting that well. In this blog, we've come up with a list of tips to help you get more people to stay glued to your pages. As a leading website designing company in London, we recommend you try and review ROI after a month or so.

Website navigation

Your website navigation typography must be large enough to read. 12px is far too small when it comes to a desktop. It's better to go for 16px or above. We also recommend keeping the number of navigational links to a minimum. You can use between 4 and 6 links. However, one must ensure responsive nav links are not too small and have adequate spacing for a better user experience.''

Links and buttons

The website must have links to your social media profiles at the bottom of the page, in the footer section and nowhere near above the fold. When the primary conversion goal is to keep people engaged with your website, you don't really want them to leave.

If there's a blog or any other page that includes a lot of native links pointing to various other internal pages on the website, they must be clearly visible. You must also make the CTA links or buttons identifiable and different from the rest of the CTA buttons on the conversion pages.

Page structure

You must create a purposeful homepage. Our expert from a web design agency in London will help you make the most of the ''above the fold area of the website's homepage and other conversion landing pages. It's equally significant to ensure that all the marketing message is clear and concise. Web designing also focuses on page loading speed score for your homepage and other conversion pages. We'll improve it if needed as per the market standard.

Web components and elements

A professional website designer in London will add or use colours when it comes to highlighting specific conversion elements for the website's components. You may always utilise testimonials on the home and landing pages to establish trust and increase validation.

When working on a personal brand business, you must include a quality photo of yourself. It's essential to show the audience that you are indeed a human being.

Blog Posts

You may always add call-to-action and conversion elements at the end of the blog posts. If there's an extended form of content, we highly recommend adding in-content conversion elements. It's vital to add native links, especially when it comes to offers, sales pages, or lead generation pages.


If you need help creating a conversion-optimised website, we're always there to help you. With a few hacks, we guarantee you'll experience a dramatic change in website visitor retention, engagement and conversions.