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And not only sales, videos help you express your ideas quickly and clearly to a large number of audience simultaneously. From explaining a concept, idea or an app, to providing details of a product or service, from training videos to educational and motivational rhymes, and from corporate videos to facility tours, we do it all.

Animated Video Services


We do 2D animation day in and day out. 2D animated videos are teh in thing these days and help you present your product or service much faster and efficiently. You can use our 2D video animation service for your website or app or for use on any visual requirement.

Product Videos

Promote your product much easily with a video. Explain all the features and benefits of your product visually to your target audience.

Service Videos:

Show your customers how good you are at your service with visual demonstrations of your service. Show them what they get, rather than text or emails that they would never read.

Explainer Videos:

Is it not much easier to explain a concept or idea using a video. Forget about all the lengthy flow charts and explainations. An explainer video can say it all in less than a minute.

Customer Testimonials:

What could convince your customers better than seeing and hearing your existing satisfied customers? A testimonials video can improve your sales drastically. Don't believe us, try it yourself!

Presentation Videos:

Cut down on lengthy presentations and boring meetings. Get a video made and email it to your prospects. Be creative, not the usual. Go with the flow with our Presentation Video services.

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Our team of expert video designers and animators make excellent and interesting videos for your business.
3 Tips to Launch a Successful Video Marketing Campaign

It's 50 times easier to reach the top of SERPs on Google with a video! Amazing isn't it?

When you browse through your Facebook account, you see a number of video suggestions and many of them even have hundreds and thousands of likes'. Google has also been making attempts to display ads within the search results. Why? The reason is videos offer the most engaging form of content. The impact of video content is so profound that it increases purchase intent by 97 percent and increases brand association by 139 percent as well, according to Unruly.

Another reason why people prefer video content is that videos are easy to consume, they are suited to all kinds of devices and with high speed Internet connections such as 4G LTE it has become easier to watch videos anywhere, anytime. Since videos convey a lot within a short period of time, people are not required to invest a lot of time reading detailed content.

It is true that video marketing can positively impact a company's brand awareness, improve lead generation and increase the sales; but just including a few videos in your content or posting videos on your company's Facebook account might not work. You need to have a clear marketing strategy. Therefore if your video marketing efforts have been going in vain, here is what you need to know to ensure success.

3 Tips for Successful Video Marketing Campaign

With advancement in technology, it has become easier to create videos; however without the right strategy you might not see the desired result. So if you are not getting results, here is what you should consider doing:

1. Storytelling with Videos

Videos don't engage people only because it is easy to consume, videos are popular because they tell interesting stories. A video that communicates about the product and its benefits will get you nothing. Rather if you focus on telling a story about how the products have helped people or how it can solve problems, there are chances the video will gain long term benefits for your company.

Take the example of GoPro video campaign. The video doesn't show a GoPro camera; rather it tells a story about the benefits of owning a GoPro camera. In the following video, the brand shows how the camera can capture the most awesome moments of your life. Even without saying a single word, the video communicates about the positive sides of the product. The brand has also encouraged their customers to record videos and post videos on their YouTube channel.

Creating a series of videos to tell the story will keep the audience engaged and build a loyal following. This means you need to create multiple parts of the video and schedule your posts accordingly. Space out videos evenly to keep audience engaged.

2. Keep Video Posts Short

If you want your videos to go viral, keep them short. The average length of the top ten most shared video ads is 4 minutes and 11 seconds. Videos that are longer take longer time to load and consume more data; hence it is wise to keep the videos short. However, the ideal length of the videos will depend on the specific platform you want to leverage. For instance, videos for platforms such as Instagram or Twitter must never to longer than a few seconds.

Studies indicate customers have shorter attention spans than ever; therefore longer videos might not be able to communicate effectively. It might seem daunting to create a short video, but by employing the right resources you can achieve your goal.

Make sure the videos don't lose their value in an attempt to make them shorter, Therefore instead of making the 'length (of the video)' as the yardstick, focus on the quality without exaggerating the video too much. This is the reason why editing is the most important part of video production. Keep the most important parts and let go of everything else.

3. Add a Call to Action Button

Do you allow your videos to fade to black? You might be making the biggest mistake ever. You need to tell your audience what to do after they have finished watching the video. 'Call to actions' does not only mean you have to persuade the viewers to purchase your products; call to action can be a coupon code that they might use at your store or an eBook that they need to download to get further information. Another way of engaging customers is to recommend related videos that might help them solve problems or answer their questions.

The above tips might help you achieve desired results, but never forget to measure your performance. Vanity metrics such as 'likes', 'number of views', etc. might seem encouraging, but they won't help you understand the actual scenario. Instead focus on metrics such as engagement, duration of view and drop-off rates that will help you analyse how your videos are performing.


Videos are set to become the most popular form of content and are set to drive the highest percentage of traffic to any website; therefore companies must leverage videos to their own advantage. However, without a proper plan or strategy, it might be difficult to gain the best benefits of video marketing.

Remember, businesses are different and so are their products and the targeted audience; hence you need to evaluate what video marketing strategy works for you the best. Implement the suggested strategies and measure the performance to understand which strategy works for you the best. You must also work out ways in which you can leverage the other strategies to your advantage.

Video marketing is a must for all online marketing campaigns and without this form of marketing you might be missing a lot of opportunities. Therefore, if you still have not started leveraging videos, it is time that you consider doing it.