Why Flutter When Going For App Development

App Development

Wondering why you should go with Flutter and what your business gains from it? Flutter is a cross-platform application development instrument. It comes to the ease of progress with native performance while maintaining visual consistency across the platform. Some of the significant reasons behind its popularity include robust backing from Google and a thriving developer community.

Flutter powers more than 90000 apps on the Google Play Store. Top-notch applications such as Google Ads and PostMuse are developed using the Flutter framework. Since its release in 2018, Flutter has grabbed the attention of developers and entrepreneurs.

Besides, here we mention some of the features that Flutter Framework offers.

1 Development through the single codebase

Flutter offers the development of apps through a single codebase. Moreover, the single codebase allows developers to develop a single version of the application, running seamlessly across iOS and Android OS. Likewise, this will enable developers to emphasize feature integration, creativity, and functionality testing of the app, thereby saving the developmental time frame.

2 Dart Language

Google’s in-house language Dart is an open-source general-purpose and easy-to-understand language for developing customized mobile apps. Dart comes with a reactive framework. This enables to handle front-end and back-end development in one place. The language is smoothly accessible for developing feature-rich web, server, and desktop apps.

3 Hot Reload Feature

The Hot Reload feature allows developers to frame UIs and identify bugs immediately. Moreover, this feature helps developers save their time on simulators and emulators for iOS and Android apps while explaining the variations in the app instantly. Here, developers can shorten the overall app development time.

4 Powerful UI Designs

Flutter offers an extensive collection of different themes for both Android and iOS apps. Any mobile app development company can now develop user-friendly and exciting UI design with the help of these themes. Also, it is equally easy to build dedicated apps for various industry including utility, ecommerce, entertainment, health, social media, and more.

5 Reduction in time and cost

Flutter is absolutely a developer-friendly platform. Features like Hot Reload and other arrays of widgets reduce the development time significantly. Moreover, it directly reflects the app development cost. Therefore, entrepreneurs can get the app at a much-reduced price and equally earn the benefit if the time to market by launching the app is earlier than their peers.

6 Customizable Widgets

You get access to the rich library that Flutter has to offer. With the flutter framework, it is now more than manageable to design an app from a mobile app development company as per the business model. Now developers can offer widgets as per the business structure and blend them to make an engaging UI.

7 Excellent Community Support

Flutter offers excellent support from its growing community. Additionally, the community includes expert developers passionate about resolving issues and equally developing innovative solutions.

Besides, the framework offers a plethora of open-source packages that assist developers in coming up with customized apps in a short time. The platform is equally an idea for developing an MVP (Minimum viable product). This means even startups can now bring up their cross-platform app.