WordPress 5.5- Why Disable Plugins and Themes in The Latest Version

WordPress 5.5 Update

The new feature of automatic update in plugins and themes is exemplary. Released in early August, WordPress has developed this feature as a part of its core release. Perhaps, the site owner can now enable as well as disable auto-update for both individual plugins and themes directly from the WordPress admin dashboard. As you stick with us, we will provide a detailed outlook on why WordPress core offers such feature and how exactly will it benefit the site owners.

Automatic Update and Its Significance

The release of the latest version has turned off auto-update for plugins and themes by default. Site owners will need to visit the dashboard in case he/she wants to go for an auto-update. Here are the following options you can go with

Similarly, WordPress 5.5 offers an on or off on toggle. Meanwhile, site owners do not get the option to select updates such as

The system has been transformed, and the update prepares through the wp-cron process twice a day. Meanwhile, if there is a new update be it a large scale featured update or a minor security fix, the latest version gets downloaded and installed automatically. Likewise, updates occur only, when the auto-updates are switched on for a specific plugin or theme.

Operations engineers refer such automatic updates as "unattended updates". Here, the code of plugins and themes gets updated as well as deployed without the site owners' participation. What it exactly means is that it may proceed while the

The owner will receive an email about the update, but if they miss it, they might know only after they log in again and further see a new version of the updated system. In rare cases, some plugins come with built-in auto-updates.

Features You Should Try in Your WordPress

WordPress 5.5 has come with a significant release; however, unless you avail the managed WordPress hosting service, you will manually need to initiate the update. Here’s what you get with the latest update

Improved Block Editor

The block editor serves the purpose of creating content. This is where most of the time creators spend their work. Likewise, like every time, WordPress has brought a significant improvement in the block editor.

Meanwhile, the recent update helps you run block editor more efficiently.

Integrated Block Directory

The 5.5 version comes with an integrated block directory which allows you to automatically see suggestions from the directory incase a block is not available.

Block directory is a collection of WordPress plugins that allows you to add different types of blocks to the site. However, this does not include block library plugins.

UI Changes

The WordPress 5.5 has come with the visual improvement to the block editor. Perhaps, the update has specifically focused on borders and highlights, allowing block editor to have greater accessibility.

The “Add new block” button (+) looks like a button and has a black background.

Edit Images

Now, you can edit images inside the block editor. Moreover, you can also adjust image height, width, aspect ratio, rotate and crop without leaving the post editor. Meanwhile, you also get the option to perform basic image editing in the media library.

New users can use inline image editing to discover built-in editing options.

Introduction of Block Pattern

The block editor has reusable blocks and groups that allow users commonly used blocks. A new feature called block pattern has come with the update. These are blocks that you can add instantly with pre-configured settings.

Not only does it quickly help create a page layout, but it also ensures consistency in style across the website. As of now, there are a few of them; however, WordPress will add more.

Enhanced Block Navigation and Movement

WordPress 5.5 comes with user-friendly block navigation system making smoother to select parent block or nested element. Previously, it was quite difficult to select the parent block or move a child element. But now, you can swiftly move blocks by grabbing the handle and dropping them.

Automatic Update Against Malware Infection

The automated update system emphasizes on improved security of the WordPress installation and further make maintenance easier for the site owners. Now you no longer need to perform plugin and themes update as your site will run “unattended” as soon as updates are available.

Update Strategy for Diverse Groups

The flexibility of WordPress has made it popular amongst users. In fact, WordPress enables publishers and businesses with numerous benefits. However, there are particular circumstances and needs of each area. Here we place a few of them,

Small Business Brochureware

We recommend you to turn auto-updates for all themes and plugins. This is because

Small Business Ecommerce

Your site has a great significance as it takes orders and payments from the customers. You need to sign in to admin dashboard to perform attended updates. Therefore, owners need to disable plugins and themes selectively. Consider enabling the plugins only if you think plugin vendor has a solid QA team and process with a strong reputation for releasing a solid code.

Agencies for Businesses with Many Site

We recommend you to disable auto-updates. This is because


We recommend not to use unattended auto-updates. This is because