App Builders

Planning to launch a custom mobile application across multiple devices can be pretty complex. That's true when you plan to cater to a range of operating systems, screen sizes, or form factors. V1 Technologies covers your entire mobile fleet. Our app builderswill ensure seamless service no matter how diverse your needs are. You should expect immediate productivity with a complete option to integrate and update the overall application with siloed technology and multiple platform management.

V1 Technologies is one of the award-winning team of mobileapp builders. Our team of designers, developers, and strategists has helped leading businesses enhance their market presence. We've launched a significant number of projects for iOS, Android and web; as a result, we've been featured as one of the best mobile app development companies in the UK.

Excellent Team of App Builders

When planning to integrate the application into your business, you must work with a team to predict what your audience is looking for. Moreover, you want the user to keep the best interests in mind.

The building process includes constant testing. However, the procedure poses unforeseen risks which can become increasingly challenging to fix, But when you have a professional team, they'll help you get things sorted. Moreover, you don't have to worry about those killer headaches.

At V1 Technologies, our methodologies enable the team to recognize better ways of development. Our app builders ship quickly and seamlessly. As an agile mobile app development company, we ensure highly effective service.

Development Services

We challenge boundaries. From newer buzzwords like AR/VR to mobile app development services like UX design, the highest priority is to products that have been constantly researched. Our app builders precisely focus on robust analytics and multi-step optimization for the company's strategy and direction. Our mobile app services include:

App Design

  • When it comes to product delivery, we're very much straightforward. We focus on the research and strategy defined by the core problem statement. We align with the client's requirements and continue guidance post product launch.


  • The research phases basically cover interviews, ethnographic research, competitive and market analysis, concept, prototyping, user testing and developing a system-based design file.


  • The build phase includes agile, iterative development and testing process. The process replicates how users use the mobile app with test suites and periodic end-to-end scenarios tests.


  • We align as per your goal. With growth based iterative management and execution of analytics, experiments, automated messaging campaigns and attribution optimization, our app builders create a custom growth strategy for your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our app development agency in London can test the mobile store. Our app builders enable you to view and test the entire store before publishing it.
Our app builders can speed up the delivery process if you're in a hurry. There's no guesswork here. Our team of developers align as per the automated schedule. We set all timings upfront and stick to them.
Most agencies across the UK charge for every line of code. However, we don't do such a thing at our organization. While others provide an estimate and demand more, we guarantee a total price up front and refund you when we do it faster.
Yes, our team of app builders can design and develop an excellent mobile application for Android and iOS platforms. You can simply call or chat with us, and our team will assist you with everything.