Avoid These Mistakes Before Going For Android App Development

Avoid These Mistakes Before Going For Android App Development

The android platform is popular for many reasons. It's free and available across a variety of devices. Besides, it's easy to customize. Unfortunately, there are numerous mistakes that developers tend to make when using the platform. What we've seen is that all the challenging areas fall within the scope of logistics.

A professional android app development firm helps you avoid many such mistakes. Moreover, there are a few areas you should focus on to avoid making common mistakes.

An App that works across a variety of device

There are so many numbers of Android devices available. Moreover, your content may not look perfect on every device. However, your android app development team in London can develop the way the app appears. You need to utilize a few specific programming strategies.

Utilize Intents

Intents are an essential part of the overall development process. Moreover, it helps you pass information between different features of an app. Unfortunately, even the most skilled may forget to use intents. You can start the SMS intent by adding specific commands. These commands are helpful for a variety of reasons.

SMS intents should be utilized to assist a wide variety of functions, including

Utilize Fragments

When it comes to optimizing the content that fits your screen parameters, fragments are powerful. Also, they can be handled through preventing activity. The flexibility they offer is a true benefit; they are reused repeatedly, combine well with other operations, and are easily repositioned.

They are essentially individual building blocks with a lifecycle of their own that operate within an activity. Developers need to be consistently used in app development projects.

Apply What's there

Android app development has been there for a very long time. This means a lot of basic code for Android apps has been written. Also, apps need network calls, image loading, database access, JSON parsing, and social login.

Never make the mistake of writing your own code for things like this. It's best to apply what's already in place, or that has been widely tested and used repeatedly. Resist the urge to reinvent.

Display Bitmaps Efficiently

Images eat up your memory. But, there are ways to display quality images without robbing your precious space. It's best to learn strategies to manage memory and disk caching while loading multiple bitmaps into memory.

Besides, you can be ensured that the responsiveness and flow of the user interface don't suffer. Some of the key strategies here include,

Don't block the main thread

The main threads help you keep the interface responsive. On the other side, a less responsive interface results from fewer than 24 fps and a delay more significant than 100ms. In such a scenario, you experience sluggish UX, resulting in a delay that ends with an app eventually stops responding.

Many mistakes can be avoided if developers strictly adhere to mentioned guidelines. It's your developer's work to ride the waves of changes and stay abreast.