Powerful Tips to Optimise Blog Posts for Conversions

Powerful Tips to Optimise Blog Posts for Conversions

Blogging has been an important tool for business conversion. While it's not a new concept, slowly, more and more firms are now including it in the conversion technique. But, do you know having a blog is not enough. In today's competitive, overcrowded, overhyped digital landscape, you must be several steps ahead to succeed. As you stick to the blog, we'll focus on how to tailor blog posts to conversions.

Keyword relevance based on customer lifecycle

Every blog post needs to target a specific keyword. However, there's more to keyword relevance than merely hitting upon a query your target audience is likely to utilise. Our experts at a website development company in London emphasise creating blog posts around keywords that target each customer lifecycle stage.

It's essential to develop a post that targets all the offers, products, or services. You must bring everything under one basket.

CTA introduction

There's no magic formula for CTA inclusion. Here, the best solution is to depend on the article itself. Some blogs may focus CTA practically above the fold; others feature them at the bottom. The key our experts at a digital marketing agency in London focus on is to build up to the CTA in the article's body. It's best to make it seem natural.

You must mention products or services in the lead-up to the CTA. Hints must be shared in the newsletter and allow visitors to sign up. The aim here is to get them interested by including a hook. However, not everything may work for you.

Rewrite copy

For more excellent conversions, it's essential to include engaging content. You must provide value and bring something new to the table. Here, the copywriting skills matter to a great end, especially when the offers you promote via blog posts.

When your team includes great copywriters, you can now create highly readable and popular blog posts. Besides, the CTA needs to match the tone of the blog. Both need to be a part of the same whole, bleeding into each other.

Our experts at a digital marketing company in London don't recommend you to overlap CTA at the end of the post. Besides, you must consider which offer would be the best option and how to insert it simultaneously. The more work you put in, the more likely users will convert.

Make it easy to digest

You must aim for engaging and digestible nuggets of content from top to bottom. We utilise web design elements to your advantage here. Offer plenty of white space on the sides of the frame to get that airy, spacious feeling. You can always break down the paragraphs into small, easy-to-skim chunks.


Blog posts are still an under-utilised gateway to conversions. Most businesses fail to optimise them and invest the proper amount of research. Take help from the experts for greater reach.