What to Think About When Going for Android App Development in 2023?

What to Think About When Going for Android App Development in 2023?

The race is already on. A lot of technology trends will emerge as we enter 2023. Android app development is one such area that's constantly evolving. The development of mobile apps is now focusing on AI, ML, AR/VR and other similar technologies and APIs that help the apps grow smarter. In addition, app development techniques are regularly advancing. Developers are focusing on solutions to assist new businesses in building IoT apps, mobile apps, on-demand apps, web apps, and much more.

To keep your business ahead of the competition, here's what V1 Technologies focuses on. Moreover, the trend that will rise include,


The revolution in technology began significantly with the arrival of 5G. The fifth generation will substantially enhance speed and reliability. In addition, 5G will enable AR/VR, self-driving cars, the IoT and other applications. Interestingly, future apps will utilise all these capabilities to accomplish tasks that could be possible.

The 5G will come with higher radio frequency and shorter wavelengths; as a result, mobile apps will perform more precisely, especially when it comes to geo-targeting and geo-fencing. You also get the option to optimise mobile streaming and app functionality when android app development experts from London add features without affecting the app's performance.


Machine learning can considerably decrease the overall time required to develop an app. But, while AI and ML can streamline app development, they help you minimise mistakes that human programmers could have missed. For example, some already-available apps personalise specific aspects of a consumer order while including AI components, including chatbots.

Major industries across the globe are now experiencing an increase in AI-powered apps over the next few years.

Edge computing

The cloud has evolved into edge computing. Besides, the cloud is highly centralised; latency becomes a significant issue for the technologies that 5G offers. With edge computing, your device joins the cloud, which eases some latency problems.

This equation states that the IoT, driverless vehicles, and other features will get cues from edge-powered gadgets.

Predictive analytics

These days retailers frequently use predictive analytics when customising their products for every customer. It predicts future events using all data and techniques like data mining, statistics and machine learning.

With the available data, developers may make decisions that will make their mobile apps popular with users, allowing them to add or eliminate features.

Progressive web apps

Another critical area of focus is the progressive web apps (PWA). These apps act as an interface for native mobile applications and web pages. PWAs don't take up much space, require less loading time, and are less reliant on the network. Remember, it's here to stay and support your business.

There are web pages with app functionality; these progressive web apps are more accessible and easy to design. PWAs are versatile, updated automatically and equally interactive.

Final Wrap

The advancement in technology strives for a unique experience. The trend in mobile app development will enhance your business strategies and guarantee tremendous growth. Businesses wanting to create a significant impact in the tech-driven world can get help from the professional support team. At V1 Technologies, we help you stay ahead in the competitive market.